Saturday, October 15, 2016


I have been reading about how to reverse the acidity in blood to an alkaline level that will promote
energy, get rid of gas and bloating, cure gerd, improve the digestive system , help with athritis and general aches and pains and lose weight.  Wow - so is this the way of the future for all of us or maybe the older generation or is this the cure for the overweight.  I am not sure that I believe all these claims but I could do with more energy for one so I am going to investigate further.  There is a supplement on the market something greens which may or may not work but is one of those long, long winded adds that go on and on and then at the end reveal the product they are trying to sell.  So I figure this may not be the way to go but to look at the diet itself.  I have only just touched on it and it looks a little involved but mainly as I see it, it involves eating the correct combination of foods to reduce the acidity in our blood cells.

I found a list of alkaline foods below

  • Examples of Alkalining Vegetables: Beets, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Lettuce, Onions, Peas, Peppers, Spinach
  • Examples of Alkalizing Fruits: Apple, Banana, Berries, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Melon, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Pear, Watermelon
  • Alkalizing Protein: Almonds, Chestnuts, Tofu
  • Alkalizing Spices: Cinnamon, Curry, Ginger, Mustard, Sea Salt
Now to work out the correct way to eat these foods and with what. Is anyone out there on this diet and can they help me out here.  Would be greatly appreciated

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Word for Today

Pulchritudinous meaning physically beautiful
Richard Burton used it to describe his first impression of Elizabeth Taylor: "... the most astonishingly self-contained, pulchritudinous, remote, removed, inaccessible woman I had ever seen."


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let's Get Serious and Save on our weekly Shop

I am becoming more and more guilty about waste in the kitchen.  As hard as I try I am always tossing something out whether it be left over's or vegetables that have gone rotten.  Bread and Milk are okay as I always use them before they are out of date and a tip about freezing bread if you take a whole loaf out of the freezer to rethaw it will go mouldy in no time.

So that being said, what to do?  Saw some good ideas on the morning TV show and so decided is time I pursued my earlier thoughts on cutting down on the number of times I go to the supermarket a week which for me is almost daily and if I only go in for one thing sure as hell come out with a bundle.

My List of things to do to get me on track and you if you think it will help.
  1. Decide how often to shop weekly or fortnightly for me it will be weekly because fresh fruit and vegetables will not always keep for a fortnight especially when you don't really know how they have been stored.  So weekly and this week I will try the market's for my fruit and vegetable to compliment those in the local supermarket that does have some nice fresh stuff.
  2. Draw up a menu for the week.  I am not going to cover every meal as I have tried that before and end up with too much because I go out to friends or eat out so let's say 5 days of meals.
  3. Then accordingly write out your shopping list 
  4. Have some fun with all this and it should stick especially if you start to save money which can go towards little luxuries or into a fund or to get out of debt
 Bit like a New Years resolution just a bit late or should that be a bit early!!

Till next time
 Have fun, eat well and be happy
Yours Howdiie

Grown in our backyard 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Father's Day - what would Dad like

So what are you going to get Dad this Father's Day.  Have you given it any thought? Are you too busy to look around?  Well take five and remember it is his day so a little thought into what he would like would be so nice.  Here are some suggestions below.

A get together for a breakfast or lunch out - your shout would be very nice.
Lunch at the beach again your shout with a game of cricket or a long walk along the sand.
If you cannot get together well post a parcel so that it arrives in time but forget the sweets, chocolates, socks, shaving cream, slippers and pj's.
  1. Gift Card are not such a bad idea especially for the older Dad's/Granddad's who are hard to buy for such as to Bunning's depending on their interests.
  2.  Seat Cover such as lambs wool but only if you know what he likes and wants otherwise forget it. They are made for the car make and model.
  3. Tag Trackers for Dad's who are always losing keys, misplacing glasses, wallet and so on. Just type in Tag Trackers in the search engine to see what is available there is a range in price, some limitations as to distance covered but good for around the house .
  4. Something for the garden such as a garden fork, garden rake, if you know Dad's old one is about to break or has been taped up once too often!! Would be a nice gift.
  5. Has he got old records he cannot play?  Depending on budget a record player that plays 45's and LP's would be nice.
So hope these few ideas help of course, if your Dad is into a particular sport/hobby there is probably something that you could buy along that line that he would love.  Have a great day.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Found this simple recipe when looking at ways to incorporate fresh tumeric into or with a meal.
It is an Indian Pickle which is used as an accompaniment.Three ingredients Tumeric sliced finely, lemon juice to cover and a little salt. Mix all ingredients
together and place in a jar leave for one week and shake every day to mix.
Tumeric is said to be good for many conditions is an anti-inflammatory,anti-fungal,
antibacterial, helps in the treatment of cancer,diabetes,Alzheimer, cold and cough
therefore, worth incorporating into your menu I think, and will be a nice addition of flavour
and colour. I am going to try this one out today so let you know in a week the results.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Food to feed the BRAIN

The brain needs food to feed it just as all other parts of your body so which are the better choices. I did some research on line and the following have been recommended (sources below).

The brain needs energy to work at it's best and we get energy from carbs and wholegrains with a lower GI are a good choice

Oily Fish
Full of Omega 3 and good for the heart. A serving of 3 per week is good but I try to buy salmon and oily fish that is free of mercury

Research by Tuft University believe they can actually reverse memory loss, "A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found an extract of blueberries eaten every day led to a reversal of nerve cell damage in rats. After eating their daily dose of berries, the rodents learned faster, had a better short-term memory and had improved balance and co-ordination. The humble blueberry is truly a superfood for your brain cells."

Lycopene is found is tomatoes and is a rich antioxidant which is believed to protect against free radical damage in our cells

Vitamins B 6, B12 and folic acid
"are known to reduce levels of a compound called homocysteine in the blood. Elevated levels of homocysteine are associated with increased risk of stroke, cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. A study of a group of elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment found that after two years of intervention with high doses of B6, B12 and folic acid there was significantly less brain shrinkage compared to a subset given placebo treatment. Opt for B-rich foods like chicken, fish, eggs and leafy greens."

Contain Monosatuated fatty acids which help to protect nerve cells in the brain

Blackcurrents, Red Peppers and Citrus
Rich in Vitamin C believed to protect against age related brain disfunction

Pumpkin Seeds
Highest in Zinc of all seeds. Great for boosting learning and memory

A good source of Vitamin K

Helps improve memory - I believe it just a little of this herb goes a long way. I like to sprinkle it on salads, eggs, it goes with almost anything. It is easy to get some growing in a pot and keep near the kitchen.

A good source of Vitamin E

Dark Chocolate
Now that is a plus all around. Most of us love chocolate it's a feel good food and it also (in moderation) has health benefits. Improves blood flow to the brain and verbal fluency. If this is true it is worth trying to add to our diet.
As well as improving the brain there has been a trending topic about growing new brain cells. Now this sounds very interesting. So what can we do to help improve our brain in this manner. It has been suggesedt that Running will help your brain grow neurons. What are neurons? "Cells within the nervous system, called neurons, communicate with each other in unique ways. The neuron is the basic working unit of the brain, a specialized cell designed to transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells."

Also eating Curcumin which is found in Tumeric another neuron booster along with Blueberries and Green Tea.
So a bit of food for thought!! I am off to dig some tumeric and make a batch of pickles will post recipe tomorrow and let you know how they turned out
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